“I should declare that Sarah is a personal friend, but my judgement on her Kindermusik classes is not clouded by that. It comes from the hard evidence of the difference it has made to my son, who has graduated from her ‘Young Child’ [Level 4] class today.
With her gentle encouragement and support, he has thrived. The classes are so well structured and delivered with infectious enthusiasm.
To see my relatively shy eldest son present himself for a concert with such confidence and poise today truly was a joy.
His appreciation of musical basics (indeed, some quite advanced concepts I had no clue about at his age!) and of different musical styles, and most importantly the emotional impact and importance of music, has inspired him to learn an instrument (on top of the 3 that Kindermusik has given him a grounding in!) from next term.
So much better than the traditional model of learning an instrument with no cognisance of the wider context and benefits of music.
And beyond that, it has developed his life skills – particularly his confidence.
Thank you, Sarah!

Andrew, July 2016

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