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Music sessions for babies and toddlers – LEVEL 1

Get ready to sing, play, and move in our high-energy music lessons for babies and toddlers! The Level 1 class uses music to develop your child’s new movement skills by helping to build the muscles needing to crawl, walk, run and jump as well as focusing on vocal development by nurturing your child’s speaking and singing voice.

Tailored music classes

Our music classes offer a perfect mixture of both parent-child joint activities and child-focused activities. You’ll be able to connect with your baby or toddler as well as enjoy some time to observe and marvel at how they learn on their own and interact with others. 

Expert advice

You’ll also get expert advice based on the most recent research in child development and ideas on how to use music to enrich your baby or toddler’s experiences outside of class.

Music and movement for your child

Activities are conducted in an encouraging and playful environment, designed to address each child’s interests and developmental needs. Each 45-minute music session is designed to flow comfortably and include a variety of activities such as:

  • Discovery and sensory play with scarves, hoops, mirrors and more!
  • Instrument play
  • Singing songs that include exercise, hand motions, vocal and word play plus sign language
  • Guided movement activities such as social dances and lap bounces
  • Story time
  • Bonding and relaxation time

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Because the parents are part of the class, I’ve made friends with other mums. It’s the only class where parents’ names were as important as the children’s.

Kat, mum of Alfie and Maya

Kindermusik class benefits

Through our baby and toddler classes your child will develop:

  • Heightened body awareness and physical control
  • Basic gross-motor skills, fine motor skills and coordination
  • An understanding of basic music concepts such as high/low, fast/slow and holding a steady beat
  • An ability to listen, recognise and follow patterns in music and, as they get older, move to a steady beat
  • The ability to embrace familiar and unfamiliar social interactions
  • Language and literacy development through a variety of sounds and rhythms and increased language and expression.

Is your child already 2 years old, why not take a look at our Level 2 classes for older toddlers?

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