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Our Kindermusik Musicians lessons are tailored for the infant school age child (reception, year 1 & year 2) who is eager for first experiences with musical symbols and instrument discovery but is not yet ready for formal lessons with an instrument.

Creating a strong musical foundation

Using a small-group approach to music education, this one-hour lesson provides a pressure-free environment where your child can develop a strong musical foundation by learning the concepts, language, notation, and vocabulary of music and its greatest composers.

Music lessons to build confidence

Our lessons follow a more independent format than those for our younger children with 45 minutes independent learning before a final sharing time with parents and siblings at the end of class. As well as fostering independence in your child old this also offers you the chance to connect with other parents whilst your child has fun whilst learning in our lessons. 

Kindermusik Musicians is a two year programme divided into four x 15 week Semesters:

Year 1: Semesters 1 & 2

Year 2: Semesters 3 & 4

We thank you as a family because you and the Kindermusik programme have helped us bring music into the house.

Jenn, mum of Alex

Learning outside of music lessons

The musical development and learning that your children receive through our Kindermusik music lessons for 4-7 year olds is also supported with a home materials pack and digital access to music and online activities. When you join Kindermusik Musicians you are required to buy a pack of materials which includes everything your child needs to take part in lessons and practice at home.

This includes:

  • musical instruments (fiddle sticks, glockenspiel, dulcimer, or recorder depending on the semester)
  • instrument activity book containing songs and chants from the class
  • game pieces for home practice
  • digital access to the music from class and online games to support our class learning
  • Kindermusik back pack (year 1 only)

 Each Year of Kindermusik Musicians requires a new pack of materials.

Instrument discovery for your 4-7 year old

Our Kindermusik Musicians lessons are designed to address each school child’s interests and developmental needs. They include a variety of activities such as:

  • Learning how to understand simple music notation and play the glockenspiel, dulcimer, and the recorder
  • Experiencing steady beat, meter, and rhythm through listening to music, moving, singing, playing instruments, and reading and writing music notation
  • Learning new musical concepts through listening, moving, singing, game-playing, visuals, and imaginative play
  • Listening to music and sound with an analytical ear and paying close attention to pitch variation and timbre between specific instruments
  • Participating in a variety of ensemble experiences, including instrumental ensembles, vocal ensembles, and group dancing

Kindermusik class benefits

Through our music lessons for 4-7 year olds your child will develop:

  • The ability to read traditional and non-traditional music notation
  • An awareness of steady beat, meter, and rhythm – essential musician skills with ties to physical development and coordination
  • Self-confidence and creativity through teamwork, peer interaction, and communication
  • The ability to distinguish specific sounds within words and increased awareness of the rhythmic structure of language
  • Speaking, reading, and listening skills
  • An understanding of music reading, beat competence, expressive movement, singing, instrument playing, and ensemble participation

Music lessons for younger 4 year olds

Our Kindermusik Musicians classes are specifically tailored for school age children – if your child is not yet at school, why not consider attending our pre-instrumental Level 4 music class?



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