Harmonious Year: Kindermusik with Sarah’s achievements in 2023

As the curtain falls on 2023, Kindermusik with Sarah proudly reflects on a significant year that has been marked by weekly classes, playdates, birthday celebrations, and curricula changes.

Ongoing weekly classes

With dedication and passion, Kindermusik with Sarah has continued a programme of 23 ongoing weekly classes. Each class is a testament to the power of music in nurturing creativity, fostering social connections, and creating lasting memories for our young learners. In addition, we ran 20 one-off playdates in the school holidays.

Graduates and achievements

The spotlight shines on the record number of 28 graduates who completed their early years musical journey with Kindermusik with Sarah this year. Each graduate represents a story of growth, musical development, and the transformative power of music in young lives. Celebrating the musical achievements of our students, we also had five Grade 1 recorder passes, with 2 students achieving merit!

Sharing the joy of music

A resounding 298 students have passed through our doors in 2023, and we’ve had the privilege of reaching 256 different families. This wide-reaching impact highlights our commitment to making the joy of music accessible to as many children and families as possible.

Memorable celebrations

Kindermusik with Sarah celebrated our big 10th anniversary with a huge birthday party for over 100 children, marking a decade of musical inspiration, friendship, and shared moments. Check out our musical memory video on our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/Cf7hinL5mpA?si=uuZbYI_AZBsyDDqH

Curriculum innovation

This year, we proudly introduced a new curriculum tailored for 5-7 year-olds called Kindermusik Musicians, a wonderful foundation for a lifelong love of music. Sarah was on the international team of educators who helped to revise the old Young Child programme into this new curriculum and was fortunate to attend the Kindermusik International conference in the US to present on this new curriculum. The conference also allowed us to enrich our perspective of early childhood education and to bring the latest insights and methodologies to our own Kindermusik community.

As we reflect on our achievements of 2023, Kindermusik with Sarah extends huge gratitude to our students, families, and dedicated team. Here’s to the music that bonds us, the memories that resonate, and the promise of another harmonious year ahead.