“There’s always a relaxed atmosphere, Sarah encourages
every child to join in and enjoy music.”

Philippa, mum of Eleanor and Rebecca

About us

At Kindermusik with Sarah we believe that our music lessons are the key to unlocking your young child’s potential.

Through our engaging music lessons for children, we provide a weekly opportunity for parents to connect with their children and with others. Our small classes allow us to nurture and include every individual child and enjoy making music together whilst sharing our experiences.

Kindermusik with Sarah was formed in 2013 and we have been the proud recipients of the Maestro Top Programme award from Kindermusik International for teaching excellence for the last seven years.

What is Kindermusik?

Kindermusik music lessons include activities designed to enhance your child’s language, movement, sensory awareness, social-emotional and cognitive development. Our focus on different musical concepts, genres and styles promotes musical skills and helps foster a lifelong love of and appreciation of music.

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The origins of Kindermusik

Back in the 1960’s, while studying in Cologne, Germany, Kindermusik founder Dan Pratt discovered a curriculum that empowered young children to learn through music. He was inspired to create an educational program that recognises and celebrates the potential of every child and introduced the first Kindermusik lessons in 1978. Steeped in educational theory, Kindermusik’s research-based curriculum sets a strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Nearly 40 years later Kindermusik continues to bring the power and joy of music-based learning to children around the world.

Kindermusik Online

In addition to our relaxed and friendly music lessons, we also provide every family with access to Kindermusik Online. Kindermusik Online offers a wealth of ideas and resources to continue the joy of music making at home. Materials and activities are linked to class content, allowing families to extend class time into home time. For more information on available resources and how to access please click here.

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We work together with all our Kindermusik families to lay the foundations for a lifelong love of music and learning. Let us give your child the best start in life together!

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Our founder, Sarah Barrett

Sarah_Barrett_Childrens_Music_Teacher - Kindermusik_With_Sarah

I’m Sarah, mother of two, long-time lover of music and founder of Kindermusik with Sarah.

I come from a very musical background and have been a musician for as long as I can remember! My experience of music lessons started with the recorder at infant school before going on to learn the violin and clarinet. Following this, having well and truly caught the music bug, I went on to study Music at university – gaining first-class honours from the University of Bristol.

I first discovered Kindermusik when looking for engaging music lessons for my eldest child and knew that it was special! I was inspired by the love of music and social, physical and emotional development that children can experience through music lessons at a young age. This led me to train as a Kindermusik teacher in 2013 and my youngest child was in fact one of my own first Young Child Kindermusik graduates! This wonderful early introduction to music lessons in a playful and fun environment has meant that our house is now filled with a huge variety of musical sounds including drums, violins, singing, piano, cello and trombone – to name just a few.

Outside of teaching Kindermusik I am incredibly lucky to perform with several local orchestras, often alongside my cellist husband. I am also a member of various chamber ensembles and a founding member of the Whiteknights Ensemble. When I’m not teaching or playing music myself I’m occupied with the rewarding, though sometimes challenging, task of helping my own children with their musical practice and taxiing them to their various activities! 

I can only hope that through teaching Kindermusik and sharing my love of music with children and their parents that they develop the same lifelong appreciation and enjoyment of music that my family and I have.

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