Which class is right for my child?

Kindermusik classes group children by developmental characteristics. Age ranges for each class are only indicative and are flexible; some children may be in a transitional stage between two classes. It is most important that your child feels comfortable in the class and enjoys themselves so feel free to contact me to discuss which class is the right one for your child.

When your child is enrolled in Kindermusik, every child moves on to the next class when only they are ready. Some children are happy being the oldest in the class, showing the younger children what to do for a while after they are technically old enough for the next class but this enables them to gain self-confidence that may be hindered if they move up to the next age group too soon. On the other hand, if a child is well ahead of her peers in most developmental areas, there is no reason why he shouldn't move up to the next class sooner.

If your child has special needs, it is especially important that you think in terms of developmental age rather that chronological age. Children with special needs should be in an environment where they can be successful and my Kindermusik classes aim to be fully inclusive.