Here are just a few comments and reviews from parents about their Kindermusik with Sarah experience:

Cuddle and Bounce: 

"I took my son to Cuddle and Bounce from the age of around 8 weeks and it's been the best baby class we've attended. The classes are really well structured and packed with lots of different activities, there is enough repetition to be familiar for babies but enough variety to keep things interesting for the parents! Sarah is clearly very knowledgeable about music and adapts her classes really well according to the age group. The programme is backed up by good research on the benefits of introducing music to children at a very young age and how to do it - one of my son's first words was to say 'stop' when the music stops!
The classes are relaxed, informal and lots of fun, packed with lots of interesting ideas that can be recreated at home. Along with the classes you also get access to a wealth of online resources to support each theme.
I would heartily recommend these classes to anyone." Zoe, May 2017

"We've really enjoyed it and it was perfect for both of us. You've done a great job, thank you! Who knows we may be back in the future!" LotteNovember 2016

"Sarah is amazing. The course content is good. Relaxing class and baby loves all the songs" Shruthi, June 2015

"C and I enjoyed the classes and we both got a lot from them. We've gone to quite a few different groups and so can compare. I liked the way there are home materials where you can practice at home and gives you something fun to do on days where no classes. It's great how it is so educational too and I got good tips of what to try with C at home. You are really good with the babies (and mums) and can tell the babies all really enjoy themselves. I enjoyed how you did special events like Xmas party and charity days where fancy dress just made it all fun. We enjoyed it very much and I would definitely put C in classes again if circumstances change or if there are weekend classes. C really loved the circle dances I can remember her squealing with excitement and I loved doing different things like when we were rocking babies in the towel." April 2015

"I'd recommend Kindermusik. I've been going with my now 7 month old since September. Everyone learns your name and your baby's." December 2014

"We started attending Sarah's classes when A was only 8 weeks old and they have become a highlight of our week. It's fun for us both while also helping his development - and he recognises and responds to the music from the fantastic home materials (Little Red Caboose is a particular favourite!). Sarah's knowledge and explanations of activities are great too, she brings real creativity to the classes." Kat, January 2014

"Thanks to the 'moving to learn, learning to move' module, my son can now travel several metres, pick things up, find cables no matter where I hide them, and terrorise the poor cat!" Glad to see it works!! KatNovember 2013

Sing and Play

"I've been taking my 2 year old son to Kindermusik with Sarah for almost a year and we have loved it. The class is so interactive with lots of different themes, instruments books etc. You also have access to home materials so you can sing along to the music at home. My son took an instant like to Sarah and every week he will go and sit on her lap during the class. As we are moving away we are no longer able to go, this is the one activity I do with my son that we will both really miss. It has definitely been the highlight of our week and I would definitely recommend this class." Marianne, July 2014

"Thank you for a great class this morning, Sarah! We loved it - lots of fun songs, different activities, and seeing all the little ones captivated by you and Rover the roll-over-dog was so lovely x" Ruth, October 2013

Laugh and Learn:

In the last two-and-a-half years my daughter's interest in, and enthusiasm for, music has grown significantly, thanks to Kindermusik with Sarah, and I suspect, and hope, that it won't end here. Through your classes she has been given a fantastic introduction to the world of music. Thank you. Philippa C, July 2016

Thank you Sarah for a fantastic year at your Laugh and Learn classes. H really enjoyed them and went from a shy child who wouldn't let me leave the room, to a confident boy who looked forward to attending! We both loved the variety of activities and how connected everything together with clear themes and learning outcomes! We often sing the songs from class at home and I just wanted to say thank you for your attention and care of my son and for being so flexible with bookings/hoildays etc. It really was a pleasure and we hope to be able to come to the older child classes in due course. Have a great summer and we shall miss seeing you on Friday mornings! AbbyAugust 2015

Wiggle and Grow:

Wonderful class with a friendly small group, Sarah was fantastic at including children with different needs and interests and the variety of instruments and songs kept my daughter entertained. The curriculum changed every week so felt much more valuable than free classes that just repeat the same thing each week. Highly recommended. Eleanor,  April 2015

Sarah is wonderful with the children and parents alike. The wide range of instruments and music is great fun for my music loving daughter. Abi, July 2016

"We attended "Kindermusik with Sarah" classes for 2 years, until a recent house move forced us to stop. My daughter has attended since around 10 months old, and my son joined in a year or so later - attending his first class at 6 days old. My children absolutely loved both the classes and Sarah. The classes are pitched perfectly for the different age groups, as is the formality of the sessions. The classes are well structured and we've even introduced some of the learned routines into our home life ("tidy away, tidy away, time to tidy the toys away!"). I'm desperately searching for a similar class in our new location, but I think they'll struggle to match Sarah's brilliant classes." Joanna, June 2017

Young Child

"Sarah, you've done so much to develop I's love of music, and he has always enjoyed coming to your classes. And the very smiley photos here show he's not the only one. Thanks for everything! Excellent classes catering for all ranges of aptitudes, with a very well structured programme that the children (and us parents!) learn while having lots of fun. Sarah always manages to keep the class engaged and entertained, and everything is so relaxed the little ones really enjoy it, regardless of their ability levels." James, July 2017

"Sarah, thank you for a wonderful two years! it's developed R's love of music. I don't think anyone else could have done so much for him. I look forward to 3 more years with Eva! Thank you for your passion and patience! Goes without saying that you have a gift for teaching music, your passion is contagious!" Suruchi, July 2017

"Our son started the Kindermusik program with Sarah two years ago. Although he always enjoyed music, he had never done anything formally. Over the course of the program, he learned to play three different instruments, read 9 or 10 different notes, and played a large handful of songs. He became more confident reading music and played songs from memory. He is pretty shy and often had trouble contributing when the parents returned into the room. However that improved over time as well. Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable not only about music but how to connect with children and ignite their interest in learning music. The classes are well structured and the homework is a reasonable amount for the child to progress week to week. Our 5 year old begged to go to music, so we enrolled her in one of the younger programs, and she is already talking about joining the "big kid" program in the fall. Thanks again Sarah!" Melanie, July 2017

"I should declare that Sarah is a personal friend, but my judgement on her Kindermusik classes is not clouded by that. It comes from the hard evidence of the difference it has made to my son, who has graduated from her 'Young Child' class today. With her gentle encouragement and support, he has thrived. The classes are so well structured and delivered with infectious enthusiasm. To see my relatively shy eldest son present himself for a concert with such confidence and poise today truly was a joy. His appreciation of musical basics (indeed, some quite advanced concepts I had no clue about at his age!) and of different musical styles, and most importantly the emotional impact and importance of music, has inspired him to learn an instrument (on top of the 3 that Kindermusik has given him a grounding in!) from next term. So much better than the traditional model of learning an instrument with no cognisance of the wider context and benefits of music. And beyond that, it has developed his life skills - particularly his confidence. Thank you, Sarah! AndrewJuly 2016

Morning Sarah! Just wanted to let you know that our son really loved the class on Saturday morning. In fact, he started counting down sleeps until the next class...this morning he excitedly told me he only had "5 more sleeps until music class"!!!!! YasSeptember 2015

"Thank YOU for the past year! A has really enjoyed your classes and while he is still a fidget pants, his concentration levels have improved so much. We thank you as a family too, because you and the Kindermusik programme have helped us bring music back into the house.We consider ourselves musical, but like a lot of people we'd retreated into a world of headphones - now it's something we make time to enjoy together, be it through practice sessions or listening to the radio." Jenn, July 2015

"Yesterday A came back home very happy. It was like he enjoyed it a lot! He said twice that he liked Sarah and as soon as he got home put the CD in and tried to sing and use the sticks. I am so pleased because he usually gets bored quite quickly and nothing really get his attention that much:)" Alex, September 2014

"My eldest daughter (4.5 yrs) goes to Sarah's Young Child classes and loves's a perfect 'bridge' between nursery music / singing and more formal music tuition for piano etc....she has learnt a lot. My youngest daughter (2 yrs) is about to start Wiggle and Grow, last term, she enjoyed Sing and Play which is a lovely session with singing, stories and interaction. I would highly recommend these classes...." Philippa, January 2014

"O really enjoys coming to Kindermusik class and looks forward to it every week - he gets really excited! After only a few weeks I can already see an improvement with his beat keeping." Simone, October 2013

"My daughter is learning and reinforcing new musical things with lots of movement and fun. It's almost like she has the chance to play (educational!) party games each week at the classes." Philippa D, November 2013